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Enabling B2B Supply Chain Financing. An easy to integrate solution that automates corporate lending and payments between banks, buyers and sellers.

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Empower your business with streamlined financial solutions
What our platform has achieved
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Workflow optimization
Manpower reduced by 82%
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Resilient Deployments
Hybrid deployments with 99% uptime
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Approval Process
Average financing time is reduced from 8 days to less than 24 hours
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Credit Risk Reduction
De-risking your lending operation by 91%
Robust features!
Unlock the Power of Seamless Payments
Relationship Score
A powerful tool to assess, manage, and optimize relationships with customers by making data-driven decisions.
Automated Financing Workflows
A way to reduce manual effort, improve accuracy, and enable businesses to deliver integrated financial services effectively.
Easy to Integrate APIs
Simplify integration, reduce development time and offer flexibility and security, without disruptions.
Realtime Advanced Data Analytics
Derive valuable insights from data as it occurs in real-time and monitor performance.
Low Code Deployments
We simplify the development process by minimizing the need for manual coding, making it faster and more accessible.
Cloud based, on premise and hybrid deployments
Multiple deployment approaches to align with the organization's strategic goals and its specific demands.
Powerful integrations
Lean offers the flexibility to our customers to provide B2B payments without limitations. You can operate without necessarily depending on Banks.
VISA Direct
VISA Direct allows for fast, secure, and convenient funds transfers to help streamline your payment processes.
DocuSign allows you to seamlessly manage documents and agreements as well as modernizing your document signing and transaction workflows.
Some industries we currently service
Logistics and transportation

Logistics and transportation companies routinely face delayed customer payments, fuel and maintenance expenses. AR financing allows them to effectively manage their fleets by ensuring they have the working capital allowing an uninterrupted flow of their operations.


FMCG companies encounter difficulties associated with delayed customer payments, inventory management and sustaining a steady cash flow. AR financing is a solution for these businesses to access working capital, maintain supply chains, and support growth without relying solely on their customers' payment schedule.


Where healthcare providers face challenges related to slow reimbursements, insurance claim processing delays, and the need to maintain cash flow for operational expenses, accounts receivable financing plays a vital role in bridging payment gaps so healthcare institutions can strengthen their financial position and focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

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