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We are a technology company specialized in supply chain financing, targeted pricing and working capital optimization for SMEs

Need fast receivables? You got it!

Sell unpaid invoices for immediate cash with FundBot

We at FundBot partner with different entities (by connecting banks with factoring services) to bring your business the money it needs.

In other words, you are exchanging invoices for cash settlements that you can use to finance your operations.

In other words, you are exchanging invoices for cash settlements that you can use to finance your operations.

How does it work

It’s really simple. All you need to do to get your cash is the following:
Create your client base by uploading your favorite clients’ details to your dashboard.
Upload all your clients’ invoices to the system for approval.
Once approved, your money will be credited to your account.

Why use FundBot?

It pays to use FundBot! It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s life-changing.

You get paid quickly

Most businesses spend a tremendous amount of time and resources trying to collect their receivables from the market. With FundBot, collecting your money from your customers is now one click away. 

You become cash rich

By trading your bills on FundBot, you will increase your cash inflow and reduce your working capital needs.

You can focus on your business

You no longer need to follow up with clients, and instead, you can go back to focusing on what matters: your business’s health and growth.

Why use FundBot?

Does it all sound too good to be true? Let’s discover our operations.

Enjoy optimum security.

Your information will never be shared! FundBot's most important value is keeping our customers’ data secure. Protecting our users is our top priority when it comes to handling data and money transfers.

Benefit from a unique customer experience. 

We know how sensitive the process of collecting payment is. This is why we introduce ourselves as your collection partners and extend our full support through various payment methods to keep you and your clients satisfied with every payment.

Are you a bank or an Investor?

The region’s market is overflowing with SMEs struggling to realize their full potential because their time and resources are wasted on collecting their receivables from the market.

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We value transparency, and most importantly, we do not have any hidden cost. To better service our customers, we set our prices taking into consideration the location, maturity date and value of invoice. So, before any invoice is submitted, you get to see your discount value instantly.

Once you sign up and share your location, we will send you your payment options, as they may vary depending from one address to the next. The most frequent ways are bank transfers, cash points and bank checks.

Our team includes the industry’s finest engineers who work around the clock to guarantee your transfers, privacy and data remain secure. It is our top priority.

Once you submit your profile and your invoice, we run a background check on your company and your clients’ through our professionals, banks and insurance companies, to make sure every transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

That is not a problem as you can directly connect with us via our customer service hotline or contact us section on your dashboard, and we will take it from there.

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