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Finance & Insure your receivables
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Need fast receivables? You got it!

Sell unpaid invoices for immediate cash with FundBot

We at FundBot partner with different entities (by connecting banks with factoring services) to bring your business the money it needs.

In other words, you are exchanging invoices for cash settlements that you can use to finance your operations.

In other words, you are exchanging invoices for cash settlements that you can use to finance your operations.

How does it work

It’s really simple. All you need to do to get your cash is the following:
Quick and simple sign up
Synchronise your invoices with your accounting system
Enjoy digital CFO financing recommendations
Get financed quickly through your digital wallet

Transparent pricing

We at Fundbot believe that all financial services should not have any hidden cost. This is why we designed our journeys to be extremely simple and straight forward when it comes to financing and insuring your receivables

Why use FundBot?

It pays to use FundBot! It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s life-changing.
1. You can focus on your business

You no longer need to follow up with clients, and instead, you can go back to focusing on what matters: your business’s health and growth.

2. You have a better cashflow

By trading your bills on FundBot, you will increase your cash inflow and reduce your working capital needs.

3. You get paid on time

Most businesses spend a tremendous amount of time and resources trying to collect their receivables from the market. With FundBot, collecting your money from your customers is now one click away. 

4. Digital CFO

Fundbot digital CFO analyses your payables and receivables in realtime and offers factoring, invoice discounting and financial recommendations based on your SME’s need. It’s simple, connect Fundbot to your accounting software and let the magic begin.

5. Fundbot e-Wallet

Create your Fundbot e-wallet in a few seconds and start paying and receiving payments through our platform. No more time wasted on following up and collecting payments. Your money is already in your e-wallet.

Are you a bank or an Investor?

The region’s market is overflowing with SMEs struggling to realize their full potential because their time and resources are wasted on collecting their receivables from the market.

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