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B2B Buy-Now-Pay-Later
Fuel your business growth, payment by payment
B2B BNPL extends this concept to businesses, enabling them to purchase goods and services on credit, manage cash flow, and simplify procurement processes.
Fundbot provides the technology for lenders to embed B2B Buy Now Pay Later and extend it to their suppliers and buyers.
Fundbot can integrate with suppliers, buyers and e-commerce platforms to streamline the credit process and lifecycle.
Through Fundbot you can limit your credit risk by customizing your entire financial workflows.
Fundbot is mobile friendly on web for suppliers and buyers.
Fundbot integrates with accounting software, enabling businesses to easily track and reconcile payments.
We adhere to relevant financial regulations to ensure transparency and consumer protection.
Installment payments
Fundbot allows businesses to split their payments into manageable installments to
Avoid large upfront expenses.
Align payments with their revenue streams.
Reporting and analytics
We offer reporting and analytics tools to help businesses
Track their spending.
Monitor payment schedules.
Gain insights into their purchasing patterns.
B2B BNPL Takeaways
B2B BNPL technology can benefit businesses by providing them with greater financial flexibility, improved cash flow management, and easier access to credit for their operational needs.

Providing BNPL options can differentiate a supplier from competitors who do not offer such financing. It can be a valuable marketing tool to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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