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Revenue Based Financing
Unleash financial agility and propel your success
Financing solution. We understand that your growth doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all formula. That's why we offer a flexible and partnership-driven approach to financing.
Offer your customers an easy to use AR financing technology, allowing them to shorten their long payment cycles.
Fundbot’s platform offers data analysis and reporting features that help both the business seeking funding and the lender assess the company’s financial performance and calculate repayment amounts.
Fundbot’s platform includes automated payment systems, simplifying the repayment process.
Fundbot is designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes and revenue levels, we can scale with the growth of the company.
Through Fundbot you can limit your credit risk by customizing your entire financial workflows.
A powerful tool to assess, manage, and optimize relationships with customers by making data-driven decisions.
Integration with accounting software
Fundbot’s platform integrates with accounting software, making it easier for businesses to
Manage their finances.
Track revenue for repayment purposes.
Contract and automated facility management
RBF agreements are typically governed by contracts that specify the conditions of the financing arrangement. Fundbot can facilitate the
Creation of contracts.
Management of contracts.
Execution of contracts.
Revenue Based Financing
Revenue-based financing technology has gained traction as an alternative to traditional equity and debt financing, offering businesses a way to access capital without giving up equity or taking on fixed debt obligations.

It provides flexibility and aligns the repayment schedule with a company’s revenue stream, making it particularly attractive to startups and businesses with fluctuating cash flows.

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