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Dynamic Discounting

With our flexible payment options, you can equip your enterprise for excellence, manage cash flow intelligently, and invest in your future without the financial strain.

Dynamic Discounting
Say goodbye to restrictive financing
and hello to unlimited possibilities
Enable companies to offer or receive early payment discounts on invoices, depending on their cash flow needs and the terms negotiated with their suppliers or customers.
Fundbot helps businesses manage their invoices efficiently. It allows for the automation of invoice processing and tracking.
The technology calculates the available discounts based on predetermined terms and conditions, such as payment due date and discount percentages.
Companies can use dynamic discounting to optimize their cash flow by taking advantage of early payment discounts when they have surplus cash or by extending payment terms when they need to preserve liquidity.
Automated payments
Available in selected markets
Fundbot integrates with the company’s payment systems, enabling automated payments when early payment discounts are accepted. This reduces manual payment processing and errors.
Fubndbot’s platform provides reporting and analytics tools to help clients make data-driven decisions regarding their cash flow and supplier relationships.
Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to streamline data exchange between financial systems and Fundbot’s platform.
Supplier and buyer portals
We provide a portal for suppliers and buyers to view and accept early payment offers. This enhances
Transparency and trust.
Collaboration between the 2 parties.
Discount tracking
The platform allows businesses to track the discounts they have received or offered, helping them
Analyze cost savings.
Evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies.
Dynamic Discounting Takeaways
Dynamic discounting offers benefits to both buyers and suppliers. Buyers can optimize their working capital and cash flow, while suppliers can receive early payments to improve their own liquidity.

It can also foster better relationships between businesses and their trading partners by offering flexible payment options.

Overall, dynamic discounting helps businesses manage their financial resources more effectively and take advantage of early payment discounts without sacrificing their cash flow stability.

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